Studio LDR is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy for the hospitality, office, retail and exhibition industries.

Studio LDR was launched by Leigh Radford as a culmination of his 20 years of experience in commercial interior design, branding and creative direction. Over the years Leigh has become a co-working environments specialist, having designed one of the first co-working spaces projects in the UK for Central Working and then also having delivered Rise projects globally for Barclays.

Leigh continues to work globally as a co-working spaces innovator and is also a Founder and Creative Director of Kiln.


Kiln is a co-working community that was established to help individuals and teams elevate their craft through our extensive design experience. By combining years of industry experience and best practices from all over the world, Kiln has created a dynamic creative environment through which it can help companies grow.

Previous co-working projects include:


Following the successful designs of Central Working, I became the designer for Rise – a division of Barclays – globally. Rise exists to create the ultimate conditions for innovation and growth in financial services. Over 250 FinTech companies call Rise home and it has a virtual community of over 6000 members. Rise has multiple international locations and is considered the principal co working space for anyone involved in FinTech. I designed Rise’s spaces in London, Manchester, New York, Cape Town, Mumbai, Vilnius Lithuania and Tel Aviv.

Central Working

Central Working was quite possibly the first co-working space in London. Whilst my design projects prior to this were primarily in hospitality design, the principals of this were applied to these first Central Working co-working spaces and they grew, just as previous projects had adapted to accommodate mobile workers in coffee shops. Central Working has matured its design and now has 11 sites in the UK. Over time it has grown to lead the way in building a community of businesses. As well as creating standalone Central Working spaces, I also collaborated with major institutions – including Trinity College Cambridge, Imperial College London, The Home Office and UKTI for the UK Government. We designed spaces to enable collaborative thinking and innovation using the design techniques, principals and learnings developed from being at the forefront of the co-working culture globally and in the UK.

Leigh Radford, Creative Director & Founder, Studio LDR